Our Shout! Award Predictions

This Saturday marks the big Shout! Awards to celebrate Malaysia’s best and brightest in the Malaysian entertainment industry. We decided to give our completely biased, totally unqualified and generally not well thought out opinion on who we think is going to have something shout about come Sunday morning. (Ooh, see what we did there?)

Disclaimer: We think it’s imperative to support and celebrate our local talent. This is just all in good fun, as everyone is already a winner! At least that’s what our mom’s have always told us…..

Rockstar Award
Azlan & The Typewriter
Faizal Tahir
Meet Uncle Hussein
Pop Shuvit!

We’re thinking Azlan and the Typewriter are gonna walk away with the gold here. Whilst a bit of an underdog in the scene, their raw talent makes them a force to be reckoned with! Much like the talking lion of the same namesake.

Popstar Award
Zee Avi
Jaclyn Victor
Mizz Nina
Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza & Kirsdayanti

We say there’s 3 leaders of the pack here: Zee Avi, Yuna and Mizz Nina.

Yuna has come a long way and she’s well on her way to international stardom with that beautiful voice of hers. Zee Avi, the first chick on Jack Johnson’s Brushfire label, had an amazing home performance at KL Live last year. Of course, we can’t forget about Mizz Nina, who kicked a** this year with the massive hit – ‘What You Waiting For’. She also never fails to put on amazing live shows.

Flava Award
Joe Flizzow
Dj Fuzz & Malique
Mizz Nina

All strong contenders, proving the hip hop is alive and well in KL. We’re thinking Joe Flizzow is most likely going to take it, being the sugar daddy of KL hip hop and all. With Kartel Records, releasing some killer tracks, and performing at a slew of events incl. Maldives and KK, and he also has very nice shoes to boot. Um, not that our votes are based on footwear selection…

But it could also be Mizz Nina. She has a strong hold on pop and hip hop this year. Being one of the most talked about and recognizable acts of 2k10. Tough call.

Music Video Award
Prom Queen (Bunkface)
Osaka (Disagree)
Do it, Duit (Joe Flizzow)
Mirage (Pesawat)
Marabahaya (Project E.A.R.)
Cinta Kosmilk (The Fabulous Cats)

Five words: giant cat with flashlight eyes. Needless to say with the stellar animation for ‘Osaka’, Disagree has got this.

Break out Artist Award
Azlan and the Typewriter
Mizz Nina
Zee Avi

This could most likely be Zee Avi because she was discovered on YouTube and signed to Jack Johnson’s label when Malaysia wasn’t giving her enough credit. She helps put Malaysia on the music map, if that’s not breaking out, we don’t know what is.

Mobile Artist of the Year Award
Khatimah Cinta by Sixth Sense
Menatap Matamu (Chorus) by Aril
Tinggal Kenangan by Saleem
Dan Sebenarnya (WkndSessions) by Yuna
Cukup Indah by Alif Satar

Dan Sebenarnya (WkndSessions) by Yuna proves that you don’t need to be sexy or have gimmicks to make it in the industry. It doesn’t hurt to have a dope voice too.

Best On Screen Chemistry
Afdlin Shauki & Liyana Jasmay (Papadom)
Upin & Ipin (Upin & Ipin)
Remy Ishak & Tiz Zaqyah (Nur Kasih)
Farid Kamil & Lisa Surihani (Lagenda Budak Setan)
Wakakaka Crew & Giler Battle Crew (Showdown 2010)
Afdlin Shauki & Rashidi Ishak (Setem)

Wakakaka Crew & Giler Battle Crew as we loves ourselves a good dance battle! (Verb/noun agreement is a different story.)

Favorite TV Program (Non Drama)
Imam Muda
One In A Million Year 3
Raja Lawak 4
Anugerah Juara Lagu 24
Showdown 2010

Showdown 2010 is definitely a great platform for the bboys/bgirls and dancers in Malaysia and gives them a chance to shine. Amazing talents out there!

Favorite TV Personality Award
Iskandar (Anugerah Juara Lagu 24)
Awal Ashaari (Fuhhh!)
Aznil Haji Nawawi (Jangan Lupa Lirik)
Daphne Iking (The Breakfast Show)
Henry Golding (The Quickie)
Zizan Raja Lawak (Raja Lawak 4)

Henry Golding, hair stylist turned Malaysia’s endearing personality. We think it’s his boyish good looks and charm that make him so gosh darn lovable.

Hot Chick Award
Maya Karin
Mizz Nina
Nora Danish
Nur Fazura
Scha al-Yahya
Vanidah Imran

Go Mizz Nina! Our new pop princess! We may have just a small crush…

Hot Guy Award
Faizal Tahir
Farid Kamil
Hans Isaac
Henry Golding (8TV Quickie)
Remy Ishak
Shaheizy Sam

If we were betting people, our money would be on Henry.

Well that’s all from us. Who do you think is going win? Be sure to tune into the Shout! Awards on Saturday night to find out.

The Shout! Awards will be happening this Saturday 20 November on 8TV. All the details can be found here.