LISTEN: It’s Their Third Year Celebration, Get ‘Superfucked’ With HOAX

Images Rizki Maulana + All is Amazing

Creative movement, collective, crew, whatever you want to call it, HOAX is celebrating its third year of existence with new mixtape #HOAXISHEALTHY, out 30 July. But first, here’s a taste of what’s to come; posse cut ‘Superfucked’. Featuring top-tier members Cønfucius, Bastard, Viktoria, and Naufal, Orang Malaya is (naturally) the centre of it all throughout the 5:10-minute-long track.

Divided into two parts, its first half is inspired in its adoption of mumble rap tropes while simultaneously abandoning trap in favour of a twinkly beat that references the ATL scene of Dungeon Family’s peak. Midway through, its sing-songy half gets space-y, amplifying Cønfucius, Viktoria, and Orang Malaya’s now less fun idea of getting ‘Superfucked’. It all makes for a contrast that’s quintessentially HOAX.

Stream the track below:

#HOAXISHEALTHY will be out 30 July. Follow HOAX on SoundCloud, Facebook, and Instagram.

The kids are alright, read our 2015 interview with founders Bastard and Naufal here.