LISTEN: Orang Malaya Abandons Trap As He Sees the ‘Light’

Image Rizki Maulana

The follow-up to Orang Malaya’s Radland Inn EP, mixtape Off Season, was reportedly to be full-on trap – a sound the musician had previously dabbled in when choosing to rap as opposed to sing. But the mixtape is now completely scrapped, and in its place is a newer forthcoming record called Speed Luv wherein Orang Malaya chooses a bolder direction. ‘Light’ – the first single from the album – is a hint of what’s to come; with a lo-fi pop production that wouldn’t be out of place on Blond(e), and maybe even closer to the other Orang, this is Orang Malaya at his most accessible. Perhaps it’s the man going back to the music that defined his first few initial releases; soulful pop. Interestingly, it’s also lyrically a companion piece to the depressive ‘I Just Wanna Feel Real’ (Radland Inn’s standout track) — ‘Light’ is its positive thematic sequel had he ‘woken up’ at the end of the song.

Listen to it below:

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