LISTEN: Orang Malaya’s Musical Diversity is Palpable on ‘Civic (A) Rendition’ & ‘I dont wanna talk to you (feat. Ramengvrl)’

Orang Malaya’s previous track shed some light on his Blond(e)-esque turn. Now, two subsequent recent songs – ‘Civic (A) Rendition (feat. Bastard)’ and ‘I dont wanna talk to you (feat. Ramengvrl)’ – continue to reveal more of the man’s bipolar musical inclination. The former, with its car motif and near-rambly (but poetic in its modern vernacular) verses, is sonically a sequel to ‘Light’ – even coming with a memorable line or two, namely “Offset adlibs, you know that’s the key!” Meanwhile, the latter sees Orang Malaya returning to the genre he’s recently been trying to avoid, trap, albeit deviating ever so slightly from its recognised tropes with a mood that’s mostly innocent and less codeine/xanny-induced. Like ‘Light’, both tracks are said to be from Orang Malaya’s upcoming Speed Luv album.

Stream them below:

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