Opening Ceremony FW14 Classic High Top Sneakers


No matter what happens, classic white sneakers will always be a timeless piece of footwear. It’s the type of thing that will look good no matter what you wear and has the ability to either stand out or remain subtle, which is why we have no hate for these Opening Ceremony FW14 Classic High Tops. The simple  silhouette and minimal design sport luxurious suede and calf leather uppers with padded collars, making these babies sleeker than a greasers slick-back hairdo. With white rubber soles for comfort and durability, these kicks will definitely level up your shoe game by several points. There’s also a navy option available but in crocodile skin texture with black entails, and to be honest, we’re going to suggest you stick with the all-white. But hey, the decision is in your hands guys.

Get the sneakers over here. Or head on over to their website here.