Open Burning Without The Guilt

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Well, of course JUICE is lying. There ain’t nothing good about open burning. It’s detrimental to the quality of our air, fuels global warming and oh, it’s illegal too. But just cause you don’t happen to light up a pile of leaves doesn’t mean you’re n the clear. Sparking up a scented candles also harms the environment? Oh yeah, romantics, your love is killing us….

You see, candles are technically harmful to the environment because candles release a compound of pollutants when burnt. Sure burning a candle might not compare to, say, a profit hungry factory with spewing chemical emissions, but every little bit counts and choosing a candle that is made out of soy or beeswax could be one of the little things that you could do for mother nature.

Paraffin candles when burnt release greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and as paraffin is sourced through petroleum, it is also a nonrenewable resource. Even the wick isn’t without its problems as some candles are made with lead or zinc wicks, which can release harmful gases when they burned. Still, fear not scented-candle-loving-but-also-love-the-environment friends who live in Malaysia!

Organic soy wax candles called Dirt Candles have finally reaches our shores. Dirt Candles burn clean (meaning they create no soot) and are packaged in recycled materials from the glass jar to the box. Also you can heave a big breathe of relief because they also come in 24 different scents, the 25th being ‘Skinny Dip’ for those of you who like your candles unscented. Priced at RM100 for a 60 hour burning candle, the price ain’t half bad either! Dirt Candles will be available soon at

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