Only RM2? Get The Best Quality & Value for Money at MR.DIY

As Malaysians, we know how hard it is to stay away from crazy inexpensive retailers like MR.DIY – there’s something about stepping in the practical heaven and getting everyday things that we need for a quarter the price!

For example, the home improvement retailer has various types of products – approximately 14,900 SKUs – across 5 major categories, namely hardware; household and furnishing; electrical; stationery and sports equipment products; and others (comprising toys, car accessories, jewellery and cosmetics). It might sound ridiculous but if you’ve stepped into any MR.DIY, you know what’s up.

But did you know MR.DIY is also selling a total of more than 400 products that’s RM2 and below at all times! Check it out:

Obviously, the selling point is that it’s cheap, but you have to remember that MR.DIY always offers quality items and value for your money. You will be amazed by how many products you can get and be shooked by how much money you’ll save.

If you’re still second-guessing, we gotchu! Just scroll down and check out the comparison of quality and quantity between MR.DIY RM2 products with Brand ‘X’ items:

1. Knives

Straight of the bat, MR.DIY’s knives come in a pack of two and Brand X only has a single piece. Both knives are 6 inches, but Brand X has a small curve that serves as a bottle opener. MR.DIY has got your back if you need an extra knife for future use.

2. Cloth Hanger

MR.DIY’s hanger has 12 adjustable clips that are useful to hang in more small clothes. As for Brand X, it’s more expensive and has 8 non-adjustable hanging clips. Guess you can already tell which one is more value for your money!

3. Travel Box Soap

The MR.DIY travel box soap comes with a lock to avoid unnecessary contact with other items, hence making it suitable for travelling. No more messy suitcase and toiletries.

4. Water Jug & Cups

The exact same product that includes one jug and four cups but MR.DIY’s is priced lower than Brand X.

5. Baby Bottle

Brand X comes in with a 300ML bottle with a plain design and it’s ergonomically-shaped. MR.DIY’s bottle comes in 250ML with a more colourful and cute design that is perfect for children and as gifts!

6. Sewing Kit

For only RM2, MR.DIY gets you 24 threads spool which comes with thread needles, but Brand X comes with 12 thread spools that are bigger. While MR.DIY’s sewing kit has more colours to choose from, Brand X has no repetitive colours so if you’re out of one colour you’ll have to buy a new set. Do you want a kit with more colour but less thread on the spool or fewer colours with a longer thread on the spool? Having more colours comes easy when you need to match the thread in case you have a fashion emergency!

7. Cutlery Holder

To store your cutleries properly, getting them organised is key! Although MR.DIY’s holder is compact, it has four compartments for easy organising and has a thicker hand-holder. Brand X’s on the other hand, has a narrow space with a thin hand-holder.

8. Cloth Clip

Ahhh.. a laundry essential! Like the jug and cups combination, this is the exact same product but with MR.DIY’s priced lower. In this economy, we’re keeping that 10 cents, thank you very much!

9. Back Scratcher

For RM2 at MR.DIY, you’ll get two units of the same back scratcher – you know.. in case you misplaced one! Both of these items come with a shoe-horn too.

10. Shaver

MR.DIY’s shaver comes with four blades and three shavers! The pivoting head shaver has an aloe strip and soft-grip handle to avoid accidental cutting – definitely value for money. Brand X, on the other hand, is almost exactly the same with three shavers and a pivoting head, but it only comes in three blades and a sure-grip rubber.

11. Cotton Buds

Both are 100% cotton, but Brand X sells one box of 180 pieces for RM2.10. MR.DIY sells two boxes (total 200 pieces) for only RM2.

12. Photo Frame

Both of these items come in the same size but MR.DIY is priced lower. Both are great decor for your home, however, the difference is MR.DIY’s photo frame is in wood material and Brand X is cloth or canvas material. Really depends on your aesthetic for this one!

Judging by the comparisons, which one do you think is more worth it?

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If MR.DIY is a clear winner for you, better take advantage of everything RM2…

It’s available nationwide in more than 560 stores across Malaysia, so better hurry over to the nearest MR.DIY and get to shopping! Save your money and avoid the sound of crickets when you open your wallet at the end of the month.

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