Onitsuka Tiger Electric Nite @ Zouk

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Text Kevin Yeoh
Images FotoworX

KL has become a city of shoe fanatics. And on this side of the street there’s no denying the demands for seriously hot sneakers is overwhelming; shoe fans and party goers had queued up at the entrance of Zouk as early as 7pm, a full two hours before the doors were set to be swung open.

Against a backdrop of a neon lit Shibuya skyline, emcee Donovan Tho aka Da Funkie Junkie kicked it off with a swift punt with an Onitsuka Tiger fashion show. If the golden goodie bags stuffed with Onitsuka Tiger sandals and tee and vouchers weren’t premium enough, the seemingly endless and somewhat energy sucking lucky draw pointed to Onitsuka’s generosity, with iPod Shuffles and ThreePointSix gear among the long list of goods to be snapped up.

Once the formalities were over sneaker fans were free to make eyes at the merchandise as Lapsap jock DJ Blink turned up the tunage to a sadly unresponsive crowd. If upstairs the buffet of sushi provided by Oh Sushi proved a draw, downstairs it was Dragonfly’s temporary tattoo booth that was creating a stir. Among those spotted milling about included up and coming rap duo Dose Two, the Streething crew and Sole What?’s Edwin Choong.

It would have rocked a whole lot more had the event been open to the public rather than restricted to by invite only and it didn’t help that doors closed by 10pm, but for sneaker fans who were in it for one thing only, it was one fierce night.

Onitsuka Tiger Electric Nite was held at Zouk Mainroom on Friday July 18. For more Onitsuka Tiger, log on to www.onitsukatiger.com.

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