one bangsar feast

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I read about the August Saturday Feast of Flavours in the papers and naturally, being a foodie, I decided to check it out. After all, the affordable price tag (RM28nett) was only more incentive to the already inviting row of restaurants called One Bangsar. There are a total of 9 eateries that make up this exclusive address along Jalan Ara, with a range of cuisine from Chinese Seafood to French Fine Dining. The so-called ‘Feast’ was something of a sampling of what these establishments promised – exceptional cuisine in a mod-chic setting.

What I got instead was a dose of disappointment. IMHO this ‘Feast’ was meant more as an introduction rather than an actual buffet, which is fine by me. However, what got my goat was the food was less than acceptable for fine dining establishments such as these. All this left was a bad taste in my mouth (figuratively and literally) and I think that this buffet was counterproductive to its raison d’être. Also, the queues were fairly long and a man (or woman) less patient than I or more adverse to the heat of the afternoon sun might’ve high tailed the event. Despite the failings of the ‘Feast’ I’m still open to patronising One Bangsar which has promising menus and well-decorated interiors. I guess if nothing else, this buffet got me out of the house during the day which in itself an accomplishment.

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