On This Ship, Your Dream Vacation Comes To Life

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Images: Dream Cruises

At some point in our life, we’d imagine taking a break from everything and just relaxing, cruising around the world. Maybe it’s something we saw from Disney movies or some corny 90s rom com, but it looks like a good life, and feel like a good life. Little that you know, Dream Cruises offers that fantasy.

Dream Cruises has everything that you need. From the luxurious dining experience, to unlimited entertainment and activities, to even intimate occasions such as your dream wedding, to a date night like no other. It’s time to live your fantasy with the ultimate relaxation on board the ships.

Their first ship is the Genting Cruise, a vessel for your dreams. It features all the comfort that authentic Asian hospitality can offer. Spanning across 18 decks, the Genting Cruise offers you everything from world-class entertainment and fine dining to spas, bars, boutiques, and bespoke experiences.

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Features of the Genting Cruise seem out of this world. Even though it’s a ship, it feels like you’re in a town with everything you desire in one place. The facilities on Genting Cruise will keep you packed with activities as you sail across the sea. You can choose to stay in a room of your choice; Palace Villa, Palace Penthouse, or a more chilled-out room like the Oceanview or Balcony Stateroom.

There are dining choices that promises great taste and experience from Chinese, Japanese, and International cuisines and of course, drinks for those who really wanna live the high life. Sit back and relax at the Main Deck Pool with a bottle of champagne in one hand, and your boo in the other.

Guests can also catch movies at the cinema, and watch live shows that the ship offers from time to time.

For adrenaline junkies, the ship provides outdoor activities ranging from a crazy waterslide park, rock climbing and even a rope course and zipline!

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There’s more that Genting Cruise offers. The list goes on and on but what we can promise is that the experience it offers is like no other.

Other than that, you’re also welcome to board its twin ship, the new World Dream. On it, guests can explore one of the world’s finest ships, offering the same luxury and experience as Genting Dream including Virtual Reality stimulations, arcade rooms, a bowling alley and more… There’s really no shortage of fun on these cruises.

Aside from being cozy and having fun on the cruise, you can also stop by some destinations to be land-lubbers (aka go shopping and eat street food). Travel the world from Kuala Lumpur to foodie state Penang, to party grounds like Phuket, North Bali, to island escapades in Thailand or Malaysia’s own Pulau Redang.

So be open to new experiences, ’cause your fantasy vacation might just be waiting for you round the dock.

Cruise away with offers from Dream Cruises. For more information about accommodation and price, go to www.dreamcruiseline.com

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