On The Desk: Lexon Tykho Radio

When you receive a brown package tied with a rope, you automatically assume the worst (or we’ve been watching way too much CSI). But after carefully inspecting the outside and listening out for suspicious tick tocks and there were none, we concluded that the box was safe to open. And luckily we did! Inside was a retro looking rubber radio given by the nice people at Marlboro Classics complete with batteries and a warranty card. Weeee!

This AM and FM radio is covered completely in rubber including the speakers. It’s also splash proof and shock resistant – perfect for bringing in with you for a soak in the tub. And instead of fiddling with a rotary dial, you have to turn the antenna to get your desired frequency. On further investigation, we found out that this Lexon Tykho radio comes in different colours, but we all got ours in maroon – smart move, you don’t want us to be fighting over our fave hue.

This mod looking gadget is easy to use and doesn’t take a rocket scientist to operate… but erm, where do we put in the batteries again?

Thank you Miwaki!