On The Desk: La Senza’s Ooh La Lace

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My, my looky look what landed at JUICE towers. At first glance, it could be easily be mistaken as a present for our ever so lovely JUICE boys given by a probably obsessed fan. Unfortunately the boys aren’t that lovely to culminate a group of stalkers. Fortunately for us JUICEy girls though, we get free lace knickers from La Senza- and them some!

Together with a set of racy lacys (fuschia and nude, if you were wondering what the colour was), Canadian lingerie company La Senza added a 2010 notebook and a pen all packaged in a environmental reusable shopping bag. Oh we’re so easy to please.

All this effort was made on their part to introduce to us their newest Ooh La Lace ‘panty that never ever shows’ meaning its totally invisible under clothes- unless you’re wearing super low waist jeans to show em’ off. They also come in an array of different colours that I think are to suit your mood? No one’s gonna be able to see these racy lacys anyway, right?

Ooh La Lace comes in 1 size for the “No Show” thong or the “No Show” Brazilian, both retailed at RM39 for a pair or RM89. Their cami, slips and bralettes are also pretty pretty. Yes, i checked the other day.

Check these pretty little things at all La Senza outlets in KL, Penang and Johor. For more info log on to www.lasenza.com.my.

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