On the desk: Krispy Kreme Donuts!

There’s nothing better than a bite of original glazed donuts from Krispy Kreme to perk up a dull afternoon. Far from dull, the JUICE editorial team was in our weekly meeting (when we crack our heads open and bring it for the next exciting ish) when a knock on the door brought up great delight and pleasure. The JUICE team already got word a few days prior that we were gonna get a special delivery from Krispy Kreme and lo, did KK have perfect timing or what. Just in time for a tea break. Thanks Krispy Kreme!

After having heard so much about it from our friends overseas, now it’s our turn to sink our teeth into this sinful piece of sensation. Krispy Kreme will officially open for business on 27 April at Berjaya Times Square and the first customer in line for those delicious Os will win a Golden Ticket, which gives a year’s supply of KK donuts. Woot! If someone’s beat you to camping out from the night before, fret not, there’ll be prizes all the way to the 200th customer.

Burp. Now we can’t wait for the next KK to open in Mid Valley Megamall! Bounce, bounce.

Hit www.krispykreme.com to check out their fab doughnuts.