On The Desk : Diva Accessories

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We love playing dress-up and when we say dress up we don’t mean masks, latex and nurse outfits with special orifices. What we do mean is Theme Fridays which we have twice a month at the JUICE office. Last week, we decided on Glambert Friday, and some of us came in smeared eyeliner, studded accessories and an all black ensemble. Most of us looked like rockstars which was perfect for what landed on JUICE‘s desk – a bagful of accessories from Diva’s Rock Chic collection.

When we rummaged through the bagful of pretty trinkets like a bunch of greedy girls (Ben Liew participated in hopes that his future girlfriend would appreciate his effort) we each ended up with a thing or 2 that we happily paraded. Our natural good looks and model-like frames caught the eye of our designer cum in-house photographer Euseng Seto who set up a makeshift studio for his aspiring models.

So here it is below – the fruit of our labour and the beautiful extras we accented our looks with.

Photographer: Euseng Seto
Models: Muna Noor, Miranda Yeoh, Jade Yong, Jessica Tan and Sueann Chong. Special thanks to the roti boy who delivered our lunch.