On The Desk: Coke x McDonald’s

Look what dropped on our desk. A giant Coke glass bigger than my Macbook 13 inch? Okay. Not really. But it’s heavy though.

You may have seen the ads for this collabo plastered all over the papers recently. The coloured Coca-Cola Contour Glasses collection comes in a choice of 6 different colours. The promotion starts now ends November 3. That is 6 weeks for you to collect them all.

All you gotta do is order yourself a ‘McDonald’s Coke Glass Meal’, which is a large value meal with a sundae and a free Coca-Cola Glass. Wicked! And yes, you can only get it at McDonald’s. Om nom nom.

Show love to Coca-Cola at www.coca-cola.com and McDonald’s at www.mcdonalds.com.my now.