On The Desk: A Gift From Folli Follie

Yesterday evening we found a prettily packaged orange box on our desks from Folli Follie and oh! Don’t we all love it when goodies arrive at JUICE towers. It’s like Christmas morning – only that it happens every other week…

So what’s the special occasion Folli Follie? Surely it must be our birthday present as JUICE turned 8 barely a month ago!This necklace gift is actually their way of welcoming you to the Folli Follie Life Gallery and the arrival of the AW10/11 jewelry collection titled ‘All eyes On You’, a collection that pays tribute to surrealism ala Salvador Dali! Says Folli Follie “The simple and flat cartoon, as well as pop-like surrealism have served as a basis for an out-of-the-ordinary collection… The ‘All Eyes on You’ collection of jewellery features statement jewels in a creative mix the shape of an eye.” It sure is pretty! Thanks Folli Follie!

Check out www.follifollie.com for more info!