On Meeting Missy Elliott

Totally forgotten about this Missy Elliott interview video sitting inside my hard disk, so I decided to upload it to YouTube to share with the world. Yes, it is my 5 minutes with Missy Elliott during Xlive event a couple of months back in Genting.

JUICE was slated as the only magazine for this session, so of course, I was super duper excited. A few hours before the event, while entering the venue, I was told my interview was cancelled and everything just falls apart. Luckily, they managed to help me out so I rushed to the interview room, which is a restaurant. Me and other medias were waiting there for 3 hours, if I am not mistaken. Everyone got a 5 minutes and it was worth the wait.

It was also the most nerve-wrecking interview I’ve ever done. C’mon! I’ve followed her career even before she dropped her album in ’97.
p1010091.JPG p1010115.JPG

And now, the interview.


Kevin Yeoh’s interview with Missy E is featured in the September 2008 issue of JUICE.