On An 808 Bender by Mushroom Buttons

source: Mushroom Buttons

Hip hop – especially those coming from the Golden Age mindset – might not want to recognise trap, or that quintessential 808 sound rather, as an important influence on modern music borne of the urban environment and the indefatigable ether of the net, but most forward-thinking producers know what’s up. That trap drum pattern is ubiquitous in electronic music today, pervading both the mainstream and the underground.

Little known DJ-producer Mushroom Buttons – an early adopter of trap – shares with JUICE his favourite 808s-inclined tracks of recent years in conjunction with his Ableton instrument rack 808 Bender.

1. Blank Body – Explicit Deluxe
source: Blank Body

I pretty much thought out the whole idea of 808 Bender while listening to this underrated, low-key album from mysterious producer Blank Body.

2. xDeathx – Death on the 808 (prod. OG Taxx of 808 Mafia)
source: xDeathx

808 Mafia member OG Taxx redefines the meaning of bass here, pushing the 808’s frequency from sublow to almost guitar-like, fuzzy high – fitting for metal-influenced xDeathx.

3. Bones – TheHandOfTheWitch (prod. Stereoryze)
source: Bones

Another fire beat employing the crazy high-pitched bass technique. Team Sesh affiliate Stereoryze sure knows how to keep the composition simple and let the 808s do the heavy-lifting.

4. Chief Keef – No (prod. The Brain)
source: Chief Keef

Chief Keef is always on point when it comes to selecting beats. This oriental bass bender from The Brain makes Sosa’s delivery so emotional, it might make a thug cry.

5. UV Boi – Crank Dat UV Boi
source: UV Boi

This remix of the ubiquitous Soulja Boy classic was probably the first beat that got me noticing the gliding 808 technique. Also, I’m a sucker for detuned, unstable, melody.

6. Shaq France & DJ Smokey – My Trap House Haunted
source: Shaq France & DJ Smokey

Oooff, that slow gliding bass. The swag of the drum pattern. Pure flames. Watch out for the Kush Alienz!

7. Cakedog – FOH
source: Cakedog

Cakedog is one of the best outsiders to take on Chicago’s footwork sound. Them subs cold af, that’s all I can say.

8. whitearmor – Divine Mercy
source: whitearmor

I gotta put this out there: Gravity Boys producer whitearmor made 90% of my favourite tracks from the past two years. The distorted 808s on this one is pure aesthetic.

9. matthewdavid – Midnight Express
source: matthewdavid

Beat scene pioneer, matthewdavid, may not be an obvious purveyor of trap, but when he does 808s, he fucking does it. Crazy distortion, crazy wobbles, and so well-arranged. Shouts out for that Dilla pause/cut technique too.

10. Black Kray – Hotboy KK (prod. DJ Kenn)
source: Black Kray

Ever the peculiar character, DJ Kenn went the fuck in on this one with its slow, glidy, sometimes-distorted-sometimes-not 808s. And Black Kray’s slurring over the beat is essential, I can attest to that.

Bonus: Waka Flocka – Bustin At Em
source: Waka Flocka Flame

Bonus: Gotta give props to the classic, golden age trap music. Lex Luger and Southside own this shit.

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