OMP pres. Riva Starr @ Milk

If life gives you lemons, go see Riva Starr! JUICE did that recently at Milk and was pleasantly treated to some fresh citrus and beats from the pick-pocketing DJ. Snatch!

Although we were expecting Stefano Miele (aka Riva Starr) to drop more familiar tunes – he’s known for snatching the best bits from various hits and making them into something new – the Italian played a rather straight-forward set. It was still heating up though as many clubbers that night weren’t expecting anything and were nonetheless satisfied with Riva’s fun and easy tunes.

Big up to opening deck warmers, Rekha Lecka, NYL, Shazan, Azran and Kamil Layali, for setting the mood for Riva Starr that night!

For pics of lemons and lemonades, check out our gallery. OMP pres. Riva Starr @ Milk went down on Friday 3 Dec 2010.