VIDEO: OmarKENOBI of Mediocre Haircut Crew is ‘LOST’ in Datamoshing

Singapore’s Mediocre Haircut Crew has gotta be the best hip hop export from the city-state in recent years – but y’know who’s even better? The three of them as individual acts; just peep any of their solo guest features, or even better, watch the music video to OmarKENOBI’s latest solo outing, ‘LOST’. Arguably one of the best voices in the regional scene now, Omar’s baritone delivery goes through the motions (and emotions) of the differing phases of a broken relationship, and F ∆ U X E’s beat is equally as amorphous, shifting in tempo and mood in line with Omar’s vocals. Its video, as visualised by imrntv, is a malleable work of datamoshing that manages to bring an ethereal quality to the well-worn trope of glitchy video.

Watch it below:

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