Oliver Huntemann’s PLAY! 04 Live in Melbourne

Oliver Huntemann has just recently released his latest edition of the PLAY! series. The fourth edition is recorded live from the Roxanne Parlour in Melbourne, Australia and is preceded by a new EP release. Spread over 2CD’s, PLAY! 04 is an accurate representation of the music Oliver is currently playing at his DJ gigs, and the selection shows why he has remained relevant in the past two decades.

The recorded live mix brings out the natural energy of dance floors with an an artist who has a clear vision for his musical journeys. With a range of labels, from the most established techno greats in ‘Minus/Plus 8’ and ‘Ovum’, right through to those representing newer sounds in ‘Dirtybird’ and ‘Rekids’, it demonstrates the nuances of the contemporary dance scene.

More at www.huntemann.tv. Read our interview with the techno elder statesman here.