OK Go’s ‘White Knuckles’ Video

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We all know Chicago, Illinois’ indie band OK Go is known for that treadmills video ‘Here It Goes Again’ directed by lead singer Damian Kulash’s sister Trish Sie, which won the 2006 YouTube Award for Most Creative and also a Grammy for Best Short-Form Music Video award the same year. They’re back again to collaborate on this new single called ‘White Knuckles’ and this time, they brought in some four-legged friends too.

This single-take video features some wicked choreography with some of the most well-trained dogs. These pooches really knows how to leap, give high-fives and being on cue! The dogs featured in this video are actually rescue dogs and to show how kind-hearted OK Go is, the band will donate portions of their sales of the video to the The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). Yay!

For more information, hop over to www.okgo.net/dogs now.