OK Go: ‘Needing/Getting’

They’ve done it again! Already known for their insanely creative videos, the boys of OK Go have outdone themselves with the music video for ‘Needing/Getting’, a track off their latest album Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky. The video has them driving a car that’s fitted with ‘arms’ and over 1000 musical instruments placed strategically over two miles of desert outside Los Angeles.

Made in partnership with Chevrolet, the video was aired for the first time during the recent Superbowl, and has become an instant hit on Youtube, garnering over 8 million views since it’s release on Sunday 5 February. We think this video deserves to be watched over and over again just to fawn over the sheer awesomeness of it all. Directed by Brian L Perkins and Damian Kulash, Jr and produced by Luke Ricci, the video took over 4 months to plan and 4 days to shoot and record. We’re done gushing, there are no words to do this video justice. You have to see it with your own eyes.

Ok, go here now for more of the band.