Ohsum Mossum Terrariums

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source: Ohsum

The front “person” of currently dormant Furniture (one of our favourite local bands from the post-rock scene, though they sound more ambient pop) and reclusive bedroom producer of Azmyl Yunor’s Tenets EP, Wilayah LP, and The Pedra Branca EP; Ronnie Khoo has taken to the fine art of terrarium cultivation. Taking a break from studio work, Ronnie began with his terrariums for therapeutic reasons. His moss terrariums are made from upcycled materials (bottles, jars, teapots) while the namesake he has given them, Ohsum Mossum Terrariums, really sits well with us as it avoids the usual connotations of corporate CSR campaigns. Ronnie does try to keep it real when it comes to sustainability as everything from the packaging to his name-cards is made from recycled materials.

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