Ohrwurm Pres. Moodymanc (2020Vision/Tsuba, UK)


Having previously performed under the moniker Dubble D, Ohrwurm will welcome Danny Ward, now one of the noted DJ-producers in house who goes under the name Moodymanc. Ward started his career in the mid ’90s where he had worked with a number of known names such as electronic duo Fila Brazilia, hip hop weirdos The Pharcyde, and dance luminaries Rae & Christian. With a diverse past resume, a jazz background, and a collection of records from across the music spectrum, he is that rare DJ with an edge over his peers despite being lumped into a singular genre. Expect upcoming releases on bespoke label La Petite Morte with Cesar Merville, Javi Bora, and Gartenhaus, with a remix by Kevin Over. Supporting Moodymanc are Xes Xes Loveseat, Alam, and Nadia, with visuals a la ALT.IMG (TheManNamedUncle & Boris).

Date Friday 15 April ’16
Time 10pm
Cover RM35

More information on the event here