Ohrwurm pres. Hunter/Game (Kompakt / Innervisions, ITA)

Date Fri, 22nd Apr '16
Time 10pm
Venue COMO

Italian DJs Emmanuele Nicosia and Martino Bartola, aka Hunter/Game, will be touring in conjunction with their debut album Adaptation that was released on Kompakt Records. The duo is known for their secret parties called Just This, making their hometown of Milan a definite stop for touring musicians and producers. The party series has even spawned into a vinyl label just last year, with releases tending towards their own left-off-centre techno and analogue production techniques. Supporting Hunter/Game are JonnyVicious, Alam, Antype & Artem Fedula, with visuals provided by ALT.IMG (TheManCalledUncle & Boris).

More information on the event here