Ohrwurm pres. Ellen Allien + Djinxx @ Mist

Seeing I was around Bangsar earlier for dinner with a couple of friends, we decided to head over to Mist and got there by 11pm, considered early for partying. The night started with DJinxx from France dropping some cool house tunes to warm things up. I was there to catch Ellen Allien’s set.

Me and the posse took our spot upstairs overlooking the crowd in Mist. First thing I noticed when Djinxx was spinning is how different the crowd reacted to this kind of dance music (non-electro or hip hop) as compared to how it was in the late 90s and early 2000. Back then, it was the essential sound in town and people would already be hitting the dance floor before midnight, but these days, it takes a while to pick up.

A couple of friends had been telling me about this Bpitch Control label boss lady Ellen Allien, so I was excited to check her DJ set out. I wasn’t impressed by her latest album Dust, hopefully her set would be different. At around 12.30am, we went over to say hi and interview the headlining female DJ. It was already late and people were anxious to see her, so it was a brief one with the very friendly Ellen Allien. I could tell she was tired, but hey, who could blame DJs who tours right?

Back in the club, Ellen was already on the decks. It was good, if too soft for such a big club. Ellen Allien isn’t a name you would go crazy over for a massive night out, but would be dope in a smaller intimate spot. I paid more attention to the visuals, which featured her fashion collection. Her brand of electronica and techno was slowly boring me out in the beginning, but her set was something that builds through the night and eventually it got really cool, which got me on my feet.

An Ohrwurm presentation, this relatively new promoter deserves credit for pushing electronic dance music for what it really is and has been doing a great job. With notable DJ names such as Yousef, Kasey Taylor and Ellen Allien, we can’t wait to see what else Ohrwurm will present us with.

Ohrwurm pres. Ellen Allien + Djinxx at Mist was held on Saturday 5 June 2010. Check out Ellen Allien at www.ellenallien.de. Snaps from the night at the Gallery.

Image Mist + Fotoworx