Ohrwurm Returns with a Massively Underrated Techno & House DJ, Kabale und Liebe (Remote Area, NL)

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The de facto purveyor of techno and house choons in Kuala Lumpur, Ohrwurm, is back after a brief hiatus – and this time they’re bringing a massively underrated name in the two genres, Dutch DJ Kabale und Liebe (Remote Area/ Soweso/ Rejected). Real name Liron van Daalen, he hasn’t only made a name for himself as a reputable DJ-producer, he’s also the co-owner of record label Soweso – established in 2009 – with fellow Dutchman Lauhaus.

Liron’s early discography was highly acclaimed, with ‘Mumbling Yeah’ being heralded by Resident Advisor as its Track of the Year, and the quality of his work had only improved over time, gaining the support of labels like Souvenir, Rejected, and the renowned Strictly Rhythm. But it was with debut album Realitivity that Liron proved his mettle; switching from making music using software to strictly hardware, he broke the boundaries of the genres he was pigeonholed into with raw, groovy productions that were mostly recorded in one take via purely analogue mixing. Come the last Saturday of this month, pay Kyo KL a visit and witness the intrigue and love promised in Liron’s DJ namesake. As per tradition, Ohrwurm regulars Alam, Kubika, and Dezz will support the Dutch DJ.

For an idea of what the night will entail, peep Liron’s mixes below:

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