Official Launch of Sunburst KL 2009 @ Pavilion

With the buzz on the streets and forums growing louder, we headed out early last Friday night for the official launch of the Sunburst KL International Music Festival 2009 at Pavilion. Unfortunately, we were stuck at the LRT station for almost an hour when our train was delayed. Public transport can be such a byeeotch sometimes!

Finally making it to Pavilion, we ran from one end to the other so we could catch the annoucement of Sunburst’s line-up. Who would headline? Your guess was as good as ours.

Being the launch of a music festival, the setting was informal with Silent Disco cricketing outside the shopping mall. We were just in time to catch a set featuring DJ Anowl and ChaseyLain on our headphones. Apparently, Silent Disco would also be making its debut at Sunburst and this was sort of a smapling session for the uninitiated.

For refreshments, the sectioned-off area held Tuborg, Jägermeister and Girl Vodka stands. And thristy we were not just from all the running we did to get there but also from chatting with our friends. It was more or less a gathering of scenesters and industry people. We settled down at a table with Mak from Soundscape (who had recently brought in Mogwai) and started to give our predictions.

When the line-up was announced, many were left guessing as the list was not final. But one thing’s for sure, N.E.R.D would be gracing our shores for the first time ever. And that gave us reason enough to celebrate.

As the crowd thinned out and the drinks ran dry, we went back to the LRT station and did more waiting… and wandering… J

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