Official Crown of Laurel Unfadeable Collection

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The latest collection from Official focuses on the hard work the company has invested into their products and designs, which have led them to become one of the premium headwear brands in the industry. Official has combined its most consistent, best-selling, and favourite designs over the years, and left the colourway of the caps to simply black and white to highlight the details and premium material used. The collection’s lookbook was shot by established photographer Dylan Maddux where he shot real fighters in their element — training hard, showcasing their skill set, evoking the determination and focus of Official.

Here’s the lookbook below:

Take a look at the caps in the collection below:

The collection is now available at Venue Bangsar, Rip Curl KLCC, Rip Curl Fahrenheit, Extreme, Sole What and Cap City at RM129 each.

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