Official Ball For 2010 FIFA World Cup Revealed

Adidas, official sponsor and partner for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, celebrated the global unveiling of the world cup 2010 ‘Official Match Ball’ recently. For Malaysia, the launch party hosted by Adidas at Pavilion also debuted the latest federation home kits with the official World Cup Zones across South East Asia. World Cup Zones in Malaysia will open to the public from 5 December 2009 onwards.

The “Jabulani” was created and designed by Adidas specifically for the 2010 FIFA World Cup which takes place in Cape Town, South Africa on 11 June 2010. Its name originates from the Bantu language which is from Zulu and means “to celebrate”.

The 11 different colours on the ball represents the 11 players in every team, the 11 official languages of South Africa and the 11 South African tribes that make the country one of the most ethnologically diverse countries on the African continent. This is also the 11th Adidas World Cup ball.