Objects For(M) Market is Made For the Urban Man

Another pop-up market means another session of squishing through crowds and grabbing the goods you find best. Though there is no official declaration that says flea markets are for girls, the fashion-centric nature of our locally curated flea markets have always been more generous with womenswear and products. This time around, your male buds, boyfriend, father, or whichever male figure in your life won’t have to sit through a shopping spree cause ladies, this market is made for dudes. But wait, that doesn’t mean women aren’t allowed to join – it’s just a special occasion for the urban lads of any age and interests.

Brought together by lifestyle concept store ZàHuoHang and object makers BOK TJUV (pronounced “book schoove”), Object For(M) Market will include a list of handpicked vendors that will be on ground at Awegallery to provide us with travel basics, stationery, publications, home goods, and so much more.

To see the list of brands that will be present on the day, visit the event page here. Follow ZáHuoHang here and BOK TJUV here for more updates and aesthetics.