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source: Obanhmi

A Taste of Hanoi
With Vietnam situated not too far off from us, it’s surprising that not much of their cuisine has crossed over a couple of borders onto our dishes. The average Malaysian hasn’t a clue what the Viet palate entails – besides the celebrated pho and not-so-appetising (to us, at least) dog meat. However, in our search for foodie spots near our new office, we bumped into this delightful sandwich bar just a block away and we’ve been coming back for more ever since. Started by two brothers from Hanoi, you can be assured of the authenticity of the toothsome cuisine – allegedly even better than some of the bánh mì stalls up north.

Stepping into the outlet, the smell of freshly-baked baguette is the first kicker. Wholesome loaves of bread come fresh out of the oven three times a day and straight onto your plate – stuffed with hearty portions of everything from siew yoke, pork pate, runny eggs, carrots, greens and more. It’s literally a healthier upgrade to your regular Subway lunch in more ways than just one. The bánh mì is more substantial, nutritious, delectable, and definitely not put together with stale, preserved meats. We could rave about how crispy the crust is all day long, and how the fillings make us feel warm and fluffy inside, but there’s more to Obahnmi than just the bread.

Besides the sandwiches, we fell in love with their traditional stew (served of course, with a side of the mouth-watering colonial bread) and the newly-introduced Greek yogurt dessert with blueberry toppings. Almost everything on the menu is a heavy dish on its own though, so it’s not too uncommon to share the appetisers and desserts while pigging out on the delectable sandwich for a main. All in all, Obahnmi is a fine place to go for a relatively affordable bite, and there’s something for everyone at all times of the day.

NO. 33, JALAN SS21/56B
OPEN: 9.30AM – 9.30PM (TUE – SUN)
T: 03 7732 8540


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