Nurul Izzah Responds to Her Promise to Bring Radiohead to KL

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Politicians. Always making a thousand promises (especially before Election) but not really keeping them. Part of the blame should fall on us though, for forgetting to keep track of their promises. But not this one! Ini janji besar!

Recently, Twitter user @AlepWilcox brought up Nurul Izzah’s 2013 post-election promise to bring Radiohead to KL if Pakatan Rakyat took over Putrajaya state. Nurul had said in an interview in Esquire magazine’s July 2013 issue, that “If we had won Putrajaya, I would have brought Radiohead to KL.”


GE13 was held on 5 May 2013, and although her party didn’t win then, that’s not the case with GE14 (unless you’re still in denial).

With the tweet going viral, a sure way to pressure politicians, Nurul responded:


“Indeed. A promise is a promise…” said Nurul Izzah who has long proclaimed her love for Thom Yorke and co. She even told our sister-publication CLIVE once in an interview, that she pressured her parents to buy a Radiohead album for her while they were on an official work-trip in the UK. She ended up with two copies.

Does this mean we have something to look forward to after Raya? A Pakatan Harapan-victory concert at KLCC perhaps? Mat Sabu could be the emcee!


Aaah… we can only dream for now!

Happy Ramadhan!

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