Nurhasanah, The Iconic Voice Behind The Indonesian Version of Doraemon for 25 Years, Passes Away at 62

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Although he’s Japanese, the world grew up with him. Doraemon has been a childhood fixture for many generations and his whimsical antics have been aired internationally in over 30 countries. However, this a sad day for all Doraemon fans out there as Nurhasanah Iskandar, the voice actor for the Indonesian version of Doraemon has passed away.

The sad news came through Nurhasanah’s daughter’s Instagram account (@nurhasanahdora). It is believed that Nurhasanah had passed away two days ago.

At the same time, Nursanah’s son, Dana Robbyansyah, had also explained in an interview that his late mother had her third stroke attack and her breathing was aided by a breathing tube. His mother had long suffered from a stroke since 2017.

Nursanah served as a voice actress from 1993 to 2017 until she temporarily stopped working in 2016 due to her illness, but came back again to voice the blue robot cat from the future due to high demand from the public. Her passion and attachment to the character were well-recognised not just by the public but also her colleagues from RRI (Radio Republik Indonesia) as they would call her “Dora” and “Emon”, while her grandchildren would call her “Grandma Emon”.

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Doraemon is the protagonist of the manga and anime series by Fujiko Fujio that follows the story of the robotic cat who was sent back in time by Sewashi Nobi to help his great-great-grandfather, Nobita Nobi to improve his life. As the storyline progresses, the show escalates with Doraemon flexing his futuristic gadgets to help Nobita with his life problems and time travel to various places.

Truly, Doraemon has been a staple figure for generations. We’re glad Nursanah gave the character the life in Indonesia with such passion.

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