Now You Won’t Have to Go Through Hell to Sell Your Car

If you live in the Klang Valley and are above 23, you’re most likely a car-owner. Going by statistics, KL is quickly becoming Jakarta, which means the market for selling automobiles is just as chaotic. Especially if you lack competitive market knowledge, hiring an agent to help might be your only option against visiting individual used car dealers by yourself to get your vehicle’s best price. Even so, it is impossible to get a tidy deal because you won’t know what is the value of your car.

The idea of putting your old car up for sale can be daunting. You’ll never know who will be taking your baby for a test-drive, let alone if they’ll show up. Making the sale yourself usually takes up to several weeks or months before you can close in on a deal.

And if for the sake of convenience, you end up selling or trading in your car to a dealer, you’re still in for a bit (or a lot) of legwork as you’ll have to visit car dealers at different locations to get the best offer. Here are just some of the hassles you’ll have to go through when selling a car by yourself…


Step 1: Pricing your car accurately

For starters, you’ll probably use car listing sites as a guideline to put a price on your car model. You’ll work your way around reviewing the price of the same car and how much it’s depreciated since the year you bought it, painfully. It seems sensible but the prices listed aren’t accurate. Putting the price on your car is determined by its relative condition and whether or not there are added features that should be accounted for. Which is to say you might end up selling your car for less than what it’s worth or screw someone else over for buying a car with faulty parts which they’ll then have to cash out for repair. Think of all the hate-texts you’ll be getting.


Step 2: Advertise the bugger

No matter what platform you choose to advertise your car on, you’ll have to be willing to pay for it to be effective. For print, a single ad column in a local newspaper could costs RM33.50 for five insertions/days. Whereas listing it online via car listing websites is free, but you’ll have to bump your ad if you want more people to see it. Persistence is key here because you’ll never know when the right buyer will come along. If they do come along, that is.


Step 3: Identify Serious Buyers

Don’t worry about getting inquiries, your bigger worry might be getting too many. It’s especially common for these purported buyers to find you through ads you put up online. Making it harder to filter out credible buyers.

Scam stories giving online listing sites a bad reputation abound these days which makes things worse because people’s hesitance makes your ring of potential buyers smaller. Also, each time a buyer wants to meet in person to see the car in person, it raises a security concern.

Sellers end up spending a lot of unnecessary time entertaining multiple buyers who are actually not interested, but because sellers are afraid they might lose that one real potential buyer, they’ll have to layan everybody.

Step 4: Beware of FFK-ers and Hire Purchase Loans

Selling a car requires you to take time out to do the necessary paperwork. First up is the initial booking fee to keep both parties committed to the buying and selling of the car. Then comes the rest of the payment, which buyers will either pay by offering you a lump sum of money or request for a hire purchase loan from a bank. The first option can be done rather quickly but the second makes way for doubt as loan requests can be rejected. Meaning the process will now take even longer, and that you could possibly have sold it to someone else during that time.

If the buyer indefinitely backs out, you’re left having to hit the refresh button and go back to square one of advertising and plucking out real potential buyers.


Step 5: Seek government approval

Prior to passing the keys to the new car owner and waving your car selling days goodbye, you’ll have to get your car inspected and approved by PUSPAKOM. Once that’s over with, the buyer must get insurance for the car, with coverage of at least 90% of the car’s value.

But wait, that’s not all. Both buyer and seller will have to head down to the Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan (JPJ) to finalise the car ownership transference to the new buyer. WTF? By the time all of this is done, humans might already have created public teleportation portals.


Shoot! There Must Be Another Way

A much easier way that avoids all the hassle – no advertising, dealing with uninterested buyers, scams or paperwork – is to kick back, relax and leave it all to Carsome. Established since 2015, Carsome has served up to 1700 sellers in Malaysia. With a 4.6 star rating on Facebook, Carsome’s left many sellers happy with the deals they’ve received.

All you need to do is fill up your details on Carsome’s website that will generate an estimated value for your car. Next, a final offer will be made to you after you run an appointment with them to fully inspect your car. If you accept, Carsome will conclude the ownership transfer and payment on the price on which you agreed within 5 working days.

If you would like to try to get a higher price, you may put your car up for bidding. Carsome has 600 certified used car dealers (and counting) who have access to bid on your car. Carsome’s inspector will also discuss the starting price with you so you’ll be assured that the starting bid isn’t a lowball. The bidding will last for 3 hours. If you agree with the final offer, you just need to click on the “Accept Offer” button and Carsome’s awesome operation team will arrange the ownership transfer and transaction.

It’s Completely Free

Inspection, bidding, and everything else will be handled by Carsome. In short, it’s a free of charge service for sellers.

Transparent and Lucrative

You can oversee the online bidding as it happens live, so don’t worry about hidden charges or mark-ups happening because the whole thing will be on your watch. In turn, you’re also getting the highest price possible for your car.

One Day Is All You Need

Ownership transfer and payment? Done online. Paperwork? Carsome will settle it. Minimal effort with free service. Now the only question is how soon are you willing to part with your beloved old ride?

Check out the full extent of what Carsome has to offer here. Or if you prefer Facebook, head over to their page here.

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