Now You Can Save Up To 60% for Over 500 Designer Brands

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For four months, LOGO Fashion Lounge & Gallery will be having a mega sale of up to 60% off for over 500 world famous designer brand products that they offer all under one roof.

From Monday, 1 May till Thursday, 31 August, all products will be given a 60% discount while handbags will be handed a 20% discount, apart from new arrival items of course.

It’s the only fashion retailer that allows you to enjoy shopping for genuine luxury brands like Jimmy Choo, Prada, Gucci and Hugo Boss at a discounted rate without having to take a 4-hour drive to JPO in Johor.

In fact, you could even stay home and make your purchases online via their website. Convenience for anyone with an internet connection.

Stay up to date with the fashion retailer here on Facebook or shop online here. What? You haven’t heard of LOGO Fashion Lounge & Gallery until now? Read this!

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