Now Semua Boleh Bolt With evoSPEED

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Finally, the wait is over. PUMA is proud to introduce evoSPEED, the groundbreaking performance collection that, for the first time in the sport lifestyle brand’s history, features product offerings for all PUMA sport categories. It is inspired by the world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt and transpired through Malaysia’s first choice goalkeeper Khairul Fahmi Che Mat, evoSPEED was launched in style at the Puma Malaysia Headquarters in Petaling Jaya on 4 July.

With the theme “Semua Boleh Bolt”, a Malay translation of their worldwide promotion “Everyone Can Bolt”, the localised campaign came up with a hilarious 8-minute viral video that depicts the life of a failing Nepali security guard who eventually excels in his career thanks to the evoSPEED range. The video sees a full debut for the 23 year old Khairul Fahmi and we really do think that he’d have a successful career as an actor. He did a really good job acting as a Nepali security guard, complete with an accent and what not. He even looked Nepali! Also in the video was DJ Phat Fabes, James Baum, Zain Saidin, DJ Anowl and One FM radio DJ Nicholas Ong. If you’ve not seen the video yet, we’ve attached it below for you to watch.

For you Puma fans looking forward to check out the gears, the evoSPEED collection will be available in end July 2012 at selected Puma stores like Al-Ikhsan and Royal Sporting House.


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