Nothing Restricting Vincent Leong

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Having travelled all around the world, JUICE checks out enigmatic Vincent and his experimental art. As unpredictable as he seems, we sat down and had a short chat with him and came out refreshed.

A graduate from Goldsmiths College, University of London, Vincent Leong has sealed his place as one of the most distinctive Malaysian artists of our time. His work has been displayed in Singapore, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Shanghai, Melbourne, New York, Sydney, Bangkok, Seoul, Brighton and of course, right here in KL. The humble artist doesn’t like to be restricted to a ‘style’ when it comes to his work, and would rather let things ride on their on. “It’s more exciting to experiment and play,” he said. Ah, these artists… such unpredictable creatures.

Vincent tells us that he is inspired by people who make him think. Vincent tunes into post-rock, 70s rock and those good ol’ sounds of Motown when his mind is on thinking mode. Outside work mode, he goes for electronic, metal and hip hop music – the soundtrack to his life and work.

Vincent tells us about his approach to the art scene, “Every country has a different approach and appreciation of art. The art scene is exciting when the people are excited about it. It is not what we find in the galleries and museums that make a good art scene; but the energy it generates. Some countries are more excited about art than others.”

Vincent is the person behind the infamous video that shows a cop being bribed and considers it a major success – not only has everyone’s heard and talked about it, but it’s even made its way to local newspaper headlines. Vincent doesn’t shy away from the truth and the reality that is life. When presented a hypothetical scenario where he has a chance to do whatever he want with no budget whatsoever, Vincent told JUICE he would buy a new life and change his name in a new country, where he would have to learn a new language. Talk about a split-personality aspirations!

This 30-year-old artist can cook up a good lie when needed, or for more practical reasons, carbonara! Oh, and he is afraid of people. Sexy.

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