#Noshots: Hurry Up: A Mixtape

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#nowplaying John Coltrane – Greensleeves
I don’t understand why so many KL-locked people buy fast cars. You can’t really drive fast here. Luxurious, ludicrously expensive rides I can get behind (literally), but a muscle car with more torque than sense is just a really loud, heavy chunk of metal stuck in the middle of the SPRINT (ha!) jam at 5.30pm. Get a Perodua and install a decent sound system; you’ll live longer for less.

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#nowplaying Pharoahe Monch ft Common and Talib Kweli – The Truth
“Things are picking up in KL; more changes in less time, happening on ever more fronts!” Bollocks. I know my Kuala Lumpur – this is a quiet mining town at heart, and the more you see people trying to push through a new concept club, a new way to jack up your pants (the better to show off the boat shoes you ordered from Karmaloop), a new public transport system, a new sub-sub-subgenre, and the ensuing ambivalence with which all these forced social memes are greeted, you’ll know. The more things change, the more they change the same way.

#nowplaying The Bird and The Bee – Because
A friend came home from a few months abroad and asked me what had happened in KL while he was away. “What? Aside from the quote-en-quote riots?” was my reply. He dropped the subject.

#nowplaying Anna Ternheim – To Be Gone
Don’t get me wrong – or sure, get me wrong if you like (but you’re wrong la). I’m the last person to rally against change and growth. Just don’t force it. We all live in one of the most socially advanced sleepy towns in the region, and we’ve been doing just fine. Chill out. Things will change, and when necessary, we will make them change. But let KL move at its own pace. You’re going to miss seeing a lot of things before you know it, or worse, you’re going to ruin a whole lot of things before they can actually mature.

#nowplaying Sixtoo – The Secrets That Houses Keep
I’m not budging. I’m not holding on to the past, or “how we’ve always done things”, but I’m done diving headlong into a set of circumstances whose nature I know nothing of. Fools rush in, and fools who don’t even know what the hell they’re rushing for are neurologically impaired. I don’t care if it makes me look like a regressive non-growth slacker. I don’t want to hurry up. You tell me why I should. And once you’re done telling me that, let me know how I can. One day at a time, yo.

#nowplaying Portishead – Numb

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