North Korea’s Only Club Goes Underground

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North Korea is a country shrouded in mystery and wrapped in an enigma. And while it may seem like an alien planet at times, it does have some aspects that we would find in normal society. Err well kind of. Like the one and only nightclub in North Korea, which until recently only had one CD, but as Bob Dylan once said, the times are a changing…

Meet Taedong Diplo – North Korea’s one and only disco! And  as the Guardian first reported, until recently only had Trance hits ’93 and the karaoke version of the Titanic soundtrack. But that all changed when DJ Ian Steadman came and somehow brought his indie CDs and apparently North Koreans were rocking out to Talking Heads, Hot Chip and LOVED TV on The Radio (see original post on The Guardian).

And while this not only amuses us here at JUICE, it raises a plethora of questions. Namely is it now up to TV on The Radio to bring democracy to North Korea? Should we be thanking North Korea for keeping indie truly underground? Is the ratio for rocking out inversely or directionally proportionally related to the amount of government oppression? And do you think good ol’ Kim Jong Il is on Team Britney or Team Gaga?

And while these questions will go unanswered until JUICE gets its official invite to review Taedong Diplo (we’re waiting!!) let us know what you think/insert your indie vs repressed society analogy’s in the comments below.

Find out all about Taedong Diplo from the original source, The Guardian. You can also follow North Korea on twitter for your daily dose of government propaganda. Be sure to check out TV On the Radio’s website as well!

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