nonnative Dweller Hooded Pullover

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Are you still copping black hoodies? It’s time to upgrade, guys and girls. The new manoeuvre right now is white. Coke white to be exact, the type of white where you would most probably regret getting because the slightest touch or scrape by the unforgivingly harsh Malaysian elements would immediately ruin the pristine condition of said hoodie. But this is #fesyen we’re talking about, so who the hell cares as long as you look good for that ‘gram #ootd picture, right? Stand out like a swagged out sore thumb amongst the sea of black on black fuccbois with this nonnative Dweller Hooded Pullover, especially when you rock it with a large brim hat, black skinnies, and similarly coke white AF1’s.

It’s the end of the month, so pay should be in, head on over here to cop this hoodie. 

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