Fans Hilariously React To Octavia Spencer, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Lucy Liu Starring In Comedy Film ‘Nobody Nothing Nowhere’

source: Deadline

Emmy winner Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Inception), Emmy nominee Lucy Liu (Shazam: Fury of the Gods), and Oscar winner Octavia Spencer (Hidden Figures), are set to star in the high-concept sci-fi comedy film Nobody Nothing Nowhere, which The Exchange is releasing for sales at the next European Film Market.

Filming has been scheduled to start this summer. 

It has been revealed that the plot is about the story of Ruth, who is a part of a group of human-like beings known as Non-People. The only goal of Non-People’s is to fill the gaps in a realistic world for Dave who is the only remaining actual human on Earth. Sick of serving as an extra in Dave’s life, Ruth demands a free life of her own. 

“Not only is Nobody Nothing Nowhere a strong commercial project with a hilarious script, but the film also subtly tackles social issues in a mind-boggling cinematic universe,” said Nat McCormick, an executive producer of The Exchange. 

source: The Daily Fandom

Audiences have commented that the film sounds like a spin-off of Everything Everywhere All At Once…even just by the title of the film.

“I think I’ve seen this film before,” tweeted a user, attached with a gif of the famous rock with googly eyes from EEAO (as seen above).

“Everything everywhere all at once’s evil twin,” tweeted another user. 

A Twitter user even hilariously inverted EEAO’s poster colours and captioned it with “NOBODY NOTHING NOWHERE”.


The release window of the film has not been announced yet.