Nobody Gets Left Behind With Vivo V5S’ Groufie Feature

With a 20-megapixel front camera and new selfie softlight to boot, Vivo V5s selfie game has been no doubt impressive but what if we told you that it keeps getting better with the brand’s amazing Group Selfie feature?

Selfie lovers can relate to the everyday struggles of squeezing a big group of people in for that perfect group selfie. Fret not as Vivo V5s brings you the newest group selfie technology which allows landscape-panning effects in ‘groupfies’ or groupshots. Squeezing in or missing anyone out will be a problem of the past thanks to its up-close panoramic landscape panning effects which goes as wide as 145-degree that perfectly captures a group selfie.

Besides supporting both portrait and landscape orientations, you no longer have to invest in a fisheye lens just to fit all your friends in a wacky-looking panoramic shot. It’s truly a challenge to snap panoramic shots with other smartphones as you’ll have to balance the camera and time your movement. Sometimes, you’ll even get stuttering or lagging photos like below.

Taking a wide angle selfie has never been easier with the Vivo V5s thus guaranteeing you to be the favourite go-to person for capturing unforgettable moments in the form of crisp and clear selfies. Give it a try at your local phone shop and see how easy it is to capture your surroundings in full panoramic view.

It has always been about sleek phone designs and cool camera functions when it comes to Vivo. But perfect sound quality and flawless photography aside, the brand is set to become the official smartphone sponsor for FIFA World Cup 2018 and 2022; another milestone for Vivo. Working together with the world’s largest football tournament has further strengthened Vivo’s vision to progress into the international market.

With the World Cup as the world’s most watched sporting event, this six-year partnership is a definite boost for Vivo to reach greater heights. On this agreement, FIFA’s Secretary General Farma Samoura said, “Football and technology are coming closer by the day, on and off the pitch, and it is a great moment to start a partnership of this nature with the leading global smartphone brand. We are very excited to be working closely with Vivo and keen to see their involvement in the next editions of the FIFA World Cup and FIFA Confederations Cup.”

To rekindle the football spirit, the Vivo V5S makes the perfect accessory to capture special moments whether you’re seeing the match live, or just sitting at home cheering on your favourite team. The selfie snapper on the Vivo V5S comes equipped with a 20-megapixel IMX376 sensor and f/2.0 aperture so you don’t ever miss a clear shot. Co-engineered with Sony with a Selfie Softlight function, every selfie isn’t just vivid, it offers you professional-looking photos thanks to lighting effects that mimic the settings of a photography studio.

Additionally, the Vivo V5S uniquely features Face Beauty 6.0 which can tailor solutions to your individual skin condition and face features. It’s an impressive function that has been fine-tuned based on research from an estimate of one thousand users.

If you’re a creative person who seeks an all-in-one smartphone that gives you everything from crisp visuals to clear sound, look no further than the Vivo V5S which recently incorporated an audiophile graded Digital Analog Converter. The AK4376 brings Vivo into audio perfection territory by making the phone a compact audio device that is capable of reproducing the performance of original acoustic sounds.

If you haven’t heard of Vivo, watch out for it during the FIFA World Cup. If you’re planning on getting a Vivo device, don’t wait any longer and join the cool kids.

An all matte black edition of the Vivo V5S is the latest addition into the V5S family, read our review here. The Vivo V5S is priced at RM1,299 at your local Vivo dealer. Better yet, check out bundle plans by Digi and Maxis to get the V5S for RM1 or even free here. For more news and information, follow Vivo Malaysia on Facebook.