No Use For A Name – Live In KL

Remember the days when Green Day were still whiny lil’ brats singing about boredom and masturbation while The Offspring’s ‘Keep ‘Em Separated’ was on every ah bengs‘ playlist? ‘Twas the mid-90s! When pop punk ruled the airwaves and the internet was still a big, hyped-up joke. If you’re able to recall this age with fond memories of kicking over dustbins and spitting into passing cars, then you might as well keep 18 October free, for South Californian punk rockers No Use For A Name will be crash-landing at Ruums Club, KL.

The band’s Myspace has listed KL as one of their 2 stops in the region. And guess what? Singapore ain’t the other one. Nyeh nyeh…

Just a couple of years ago, legendary punkers NOFX gave KL a vivacious show. It seems that punk rock is still lives in the capital city and even now with condescending anti-alcohol laws, it’s great that another Fat Wreck Chords band will be arriving.

The gig is being organised by Nervhous Records and some friends from other distros and labels. Let’s hope it all goes down well. Stay tuned for more details.