No Man’s Land @ Upstairs, The Loft

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Enter the land where no man is invited. Where ladies walk the earth and rule the world. The much anticipated No Man’s Land Ladies’ Night returned with a bang at Upstairs, The Loft. Even as early as 7pm, leggy girls dressed to kill were lined up in anticipation of a night of partying and pampering proving that yes, we women can get ready in decent time!

Kicking it off, dinner was served buffet style and it was obvious that the food was a hit as the ladies kept coming back for more, especially those sinful chocolate cream puffs! There were plenty of cocktails to go around, served sportingly by a cast of male waiters dressed in bras! Guess they were serious about the “no men allowed” rule.

It’s not everyday you get treated like a princess, which is why there was a mad dash of babes to the line as soon as the manicures, hairstyling and makeover sessions, courtesy of Snips, were announced. Entertainment was the saucy sort.

Girlies participated in lapdance routines and hunky male models in nothing but their boxers on drew enough high-pitch squealing to deafen a dog. But all good things must come to an end. The pampering continued until 11pm, but the fantasy was over at least until the next time when the doors were thrown open to the men once more.

No Man’s Land was held on Thursday 25 June at Upstairs, The Loft. This one-of-a-kind ladies night happens every last Thursday of each month. Check out the snaps at our gallery.