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Nneka Egbuna is a woman who knows her roots. The Nigerian-German hip hop soul singer-songwriter is well-versed in both English and Igbo languages. And she amplifies her voice with the control of a veteran gospel singer that’s been listening to Fela Kuti, Bob Marley, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Mobb Deep and Lauryn Hill all her life.

After going through several producers, she finally met her musical soulmate in DJ and beatmaker Farhot. Together they created Nneka’s raw, ruff-edge sound that bounces on reggae, hip hop, African tribal and rock. Her 1st album Victim Of Truth came out in 2005 in Germany, England, France, the Netherlands, Nigeria and Japan. The UK’s Sunday Times later declared it “the year’s most criminally overlooked album”, giving it a thumbs up comparison to The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill. And now, she’s recorded a song entitled ‘Viva Africa’ for the 2010 FIFA World Cup! You gotta love her crazy dreadlocks too.

Do you see a bird in that bush? Listen to ‘Suffri’ (Sony) at www.myspace.com/nnekaworld.

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