Nixon x Beastie Boys Time Teller P

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The expert in skate, snow and surf watches, Nixon has joined forces with legendary hip hop trio, Beastie Boys to craft their own interpretation of The Time Teller P watch model. Hardcore Beastie fans, it’s time to paaaartay!

Coinciding with the release of their 8th studio album Hot Sauce Committee Part 2, the Nixon x Beastie Boys Time Teller P timepiece is available in green, red, blue and white with an image of Mike D holding a bottle of cognac. Classy!

Apart from that, the watchstrap is tagged with both the Beasties logo and a special quote from Mike D saying “I accept this award on behalf of the band.” Well, they certainly deserved major props for making great music for the past 2 decades.

We heard that there are only 20 retailers in the world who will drop the limited, collaborative collection timepiece. And the only place to get it in Southeast Asia is TANGS Orchard, Singapore for S$125 (roughly around RM300). So if you’re in the Singers, grab it while stock last!

Check out the timepiece at

And if you’re a true Beastie fan, dig this special full-length short film (all 30 minutes of it!) of ‘Fight For Your Rights (Revisited)’, starring Elijah Wood, Danny McBride, Seth Rogen, Susan Sarandon and more. Written and directed by the Beastie Boys’ own Adam Yauch!