Nixon Holiday Collection: The Sage Gunmetal and The Life Aquatic Collection Timepieces

LIFE AQUATIC - 1200 X 627 copy

We’re always seeking for more adventures in our lives, be it just to experience the thrill of one or the actual stepping out of one’s boundaries to satiate that wanderlust. Here for Nixon‘s holiday collection, as always, they are introducing pieces that add style and functionality with two collections; The Life Aquatic and the Sage Gunmetal.

Both collection’s inspiration and colour palette are well-stated but the Life Aquatic collection offers three pieces of steel blue sunray that add a pop element to the classic models. The Sage Gunmetal collection comprises five pieces that are for those who are more of the tough, utilitarian sort. The watches in this range are made with a superior coating – Ceramic Coating, made in the USA – with tremendous wear resistance and protection against corrosion.

Have a closer look at the pieces below:



The Sage Gunmetal Collection ranges from RM639 to RM2,319 each while the Life Aquatic Collection ranges from RM1,229 to RM3,069 each.

Nixon Watches are available at most major departmental stores, Sole What outlets, and other authorised retailers.