Wanna Detox & Hydrate Your Skin? This NIVEA Cleanser Is Made With Cold-Extracted Vitamin C

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How familiar are you with the role of skincare ingredients such as vitamin C?

Image from Vecteezy

Image via Vecteezy

Aside from consuming foods that are rich in vitamin C, topical application also works well to brighten your skin, being an effective anti-oxidant, reduce redness, boost skin collagen to keep skin firm, and much more!

Plus, did you know that vitamin C works best when paired with certain skincare ingredients? For example, Hyaluron has great moisturising properties when used in skincare.

With all its benefits, we can clearly see why this vitamin is highly regarded by many beauty enthusiasts. However, not all vitamin skincare are the same. Finding skincare products that are effective and contain a healthy concentration of vitamin C can often prove difficult.

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